The Gloomy Day : I Can Expect

“I Can Expect” might be a 2024 release, but it reminds me of My Aunt Mary and that era of melodic rock. It’s a warm and welcoming single from The Gloomy Day.

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Nollflower : insomnia

A perfect lazy or rainy day song. Nollflower‘s “insomnia” is an even-tempo indie rock song that doesn’t require much from the listener. It stays its welcome perfectly.

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Yuna Bae : Strange Stroll

The start of “Strange Stroll” threw me off because it sounds like a slide guitar. The song is a mix of folk with blues guitar accents. And Yuna Bae‘s vocals sound like they’d fit closer to indie pop. It throws everything off. “Sentences Left In The Frozen Time” sounds a little closer to a core sound though. But I kind of want more of “Strange Stroll.”

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I think what attracts the most about YFY is that “RIDE” has a positive energy. From the instrumentals that push the tempo and the simple but addictive vocals, the song doesn’t ask for anything except to come along.

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gitim : deep sleep

gitim‘s release schedule has been consistent over the past couple of years. It feels like a constant companion that says hi right when you might forget them. “deep sleep” accurately describes the feeling of the melody. It’s a song that sticks in your head right before you fall asleep. It wraps its arms around you and gitim’s vocals pull you deeper.

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ddbb : Cold Love Zombie

As a self-described “soft pop band,” ddbb‘s “Cold Love Zombie” is the perfect introduction to the band. I didn’t think much of the name at first, but if this is the Juri Jung I’m thinking of, then this three-piece could be huge.

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