Jenny Choi : 타협점과 침묵과 집 home

A mellow and minimalist keyboard-driven track, Jenny Choi‘s “타협점과 침묵과 집” is an impactful introduction without pushing loud volumes or huge transitions. The song pulls you in and wraps a blanket around you.

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Park Hwi No : Cohen

Park Hwi No‘s first single has all the right elements to find an engaged audience. It’s a mix of rock, grunge-esque distortion, and basement rock wrapped in a tight melodic package. “Cohen” has a familiarity and recognizable tonal quality that will attract people.

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Min Ju Hee : firm belief

“firm belief” is a stable and standard R&B and pop track. There aren’t any surprises and I feel like Min Ju Hee doesn’t put full trust in her vocals. It’s a transition song in a playlist and needs something more to have lasting power as a single.

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Socialclub Hyangwu : For everything that burns

Listening to Socialclub Hyangwu brings back memories of Midnight Smokin’ Drive. It mixes blues and rock at uneven levels with a large amount of attitude and swagger. “My Little Baby” has everything you want in that style but it’s missing the stark difference. Socialclub Hyangu tease a powerful switch but it never happens. “MAD MAN” moves towards a British rock and blues song that also has potential if more power is added.

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Kim Bom : I love you with sadness

“I love you with sadness” is the perfect example of an indie pop ballad. Kim Bom‘s vocals match the emotion of the instrumentals and the arrangement fits the OST emotions.

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