Erøtic Wørms Exhibitiøn : Bones And Wheels

When you see a name like Erøtic Wørms Exhibitiøn, you would think the band would be a rock and heavy metal band, but “Bones And Wheels” is a slow, indie rock burn that calms and entices during its five-minute track length.

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Drinking Boy and Girls Choir : History

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir is an example of what can happen when a label can promote a band to a wide international audience. The band put in a lot of time and effort over their career and continues to compose and arrange great music and “History” is another good and solid addition.

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BUMDONSAN : No reason no me

A mix of rock, folk, and indie, “No reason no me” is a good first introduction for BUMDONSAN. The single has a lot of solid ideas and strong melodic harmony during the entire song.

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Binn : guest house

“guest house” is a sparse and minimalist folk track. Binn‘s vocals sound more like whispering for most of the song and the small moments she adds some melody hints at stronger vocals.

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damduck : Glasses

damduck‘s “Glasses” is that solid R&B and pop track that never ages. It always sounds current and classic. As an active artist since 2020, she’s coming into her stride.

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Love X Stereo : Future Unknown

Love X Stereo iterates and evolves with every release. 안녕 ÄNɎƏŊ with DA1SY DØØM was a switch from ALL3 and “Future Unknown” is a different avenue too. While maintaining their signature electronic pop, Love X Stereo has changed again, and feels like they’re calling out modern popular music.

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muun : Green Bird

The core of “Green Bird” might be tagged as folk, but muun is walking in bossa nova, jazz, and Latin polyrhythmic music. It’s not expected but this is an impressively dense single that sounds effortless.

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ASPD (아스프드) : Kick Front

“Kick Front”‘s composition is instantly recognizable if you listen to a lot of rock music. ASPD aren’t doing anything dramatically different but they bring back a rock tone that feels like it’s been missing for years.

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