Danyangsung : daydream

Dayangsung plays melodic pop rock that’s the evolution of coffee shop indie. It’s so sugary and sweet that it sticks in your mind instantly. But this type of music is either very mood-based or a specific preference.

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Lee go do : Someday or One Day

“Someday or One Day” is a minimalist ballad by Lee go do. It’s the style of ballad that I like the most and while ballad’s aren’t the everyday mood. I could listen to this on repeat.

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BINUU, MasterClass : Unbutton My Lips

MasterClass has a signature sound and style and when they collaborate with other artists, it’s always a great song. “Unbutton My Lips” gives BINUU an excellent instrumental to sing over and this is a track that sounds timeless.

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RYURI : My Little i

This is a simple indie pop folk song that uses all the standard features of the genre. The light and layered instrumentals highlight the melody in every verse. A light vocal line that’s in a higher octave. RYURI isn’t offering anything new but shows potential.

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Joyoon : sunshine (featuring JIMI)

“sunshine”‘s instrumental is excellent. The minimal indie R&B melody moves like a breeze. JIMI‘s featured vocals blend into the song perfectly. There’s another lower vocal that I’m assuming is Joyoon. It’s fine earlier in the track but it’s pushed higher in the mix later and then it becomes distracting.

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onthedal, haan. : Two Lovers

You don’t hear music like “Two Lovers” that often anymore. It’s an off-beat electronic, indie, and pop song. It can sound random at times but also has a melodic line that’s very similar to The Beach Boys‘ “Kokomo.” Regardless, onthedal and haan. have a great single to add to your playlists.

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