Dahlia Kim : Tonight

“Tonight” has the skeleton for a decent R&B single, but Dahlia Kim‘s vocals need more work to fit this style. Her other tracks sound more confident.

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01SYNTH‘s discography is mainly singles spanning from 2020. But this electronic style is perfect as work music and I can listen through all these songs without a break. “HANAMI” is another excellent addition and I impatiently wait for a an extended release.

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Sonlmor : Whisky

While I think Sonlmor has a great song with “Whisky,” it sounds very close to what the audience for popular rock is enjoying now. It has its qualities, but reminds me a lot of Silica Gel.

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Ludo : The day

Ludo‘s indie rock mixed with blues isn’t an outlier but “The day” sounds like an honest and effortless track. I’m sure a lot of work happened to create this song but I can imagineit on an OST.

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JIEUM : Butterfly

If you started listening to JIEUM with “Butterfly” like I did, you’re going to be a little surprised. The layering on this indie-ballad-pop single is incredible. Listening through all of her singles, you can hear progress and evolution. “Butterfly” isn’t her final place but this is a strong 2024 single.

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Acid Rescues : Like Me Back

“Like Me Back” is the first Acid Rescues song that I did a focused listen to. My conclusion, from this single, is that he releases perfectly-pop-audience-friendly indie pop rock. Nothing gets stuck in my head and this is a transition track. I wonder if he’s fallen into the “singles only” spiral that streaming started.

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I’m not sure where this song originated from, but the music video is fucking great and the song is addictive.

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