Released in the middle of 2023, Contain both a Moment and Eternity is Wing of the ISANG‘s live album recorded in 2019. The album was performed at Platform Changdong 61 in January 2019 so I wonder what the release delay could have been. Also because of the recording date, this is essentially a live version of Stream of Consciousness.

wings of the isang Contain both a Moment and Eternity Live album

But looking at streaming sites, the official album is only available on the band’s Bandcamp. (The band’s Spotify bio states that the first album is unavailable because the label that produced the album pulled it from all international streaming sites without telling the band.)

Wings of the ISANG’s post rock and shoegaze universe is amazing in its recorded, mixed, and polished form. But the genre is experienced best when it’s live. Contain both a Moment and Eternity is the perfect experience for the first-time listener. 10 songs and one hour and 20 minutes of music provide everything you need to know about the band before you venture into 2021’s The Borderline between Hope and Despair.

And it’s unfortunate that the genre maintains a small number of artists and bands. Korean post rock and shoegaze is an amazing place to explore. I don’t want to say much about Contain both a Moment and Eternity because it should be listened to fresh. The tracks move with an organic precision and you won’t ever get tired or bored.

“No Longer Human” is my favorite track because it carries a different weight from the other songs. But since this is a live version of Stream of Consciousness, you hear all the foundational elements that continue with the band’s other full length. And considering there were three years from the original release to the recording of the live album, Wings of the ISANG continued to evolve.

I wish there were more live albums. They always capture something you don’t hear on the studio-recorded album and since it’s difficult to see a lot of bands live, this is the best option. Definitely one of the best live albums.

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