I was introduced to BØJEONG after Kang Hmm emailed about the release of the EP. Neom 0541 is a very concise 16-and-a-half-minute listen. It attracted my attention because it sounds like early The Solutions. Though as a first release, BØJEONG set a high standard for themselves.

BØJEONG neom 0541 album cover

“Den” is the standard throwaway introduction. It serves to set up the EP and misdirect what the band’s actual sound will be. The one-minute and 38-second length is mainly repeated tones with a build up into the main single “Unreal.” And using “Unreal” as the single is a perfect choice. It carries that over-the-top polished rock sound that The Solutions honed. Neom 0541 could be an EP between THE SOLUTIONS and MOVEMENTS.

When people listen to “Unreal,” they get pulled in and BØJEONG will find a lot of fans. They have that style and substance that many Kpop will enjoy tangentially. And Korean rock listeners have another band to add to their collection.

BØJEONG strays from The Solutions path a little on “Hyenoid.” I think this is the song that gives BØJEONG independence from The Solutions comparisons across the entire EP. They take the foundation elements but move into their own territory. BØJEONG presents a lot of music-focused attitude and Neom 0541’s polish shows.

Like many debut EPs, “FAST” is the band’s slow track. The indie-ballad-rock song is strategically standard. It’s composed with all the highlights and elements that create an engaging slow song. And even though you know what’s coming, it keeps you interested. BØJEONG close Neom 0541 with “Wick.”

While it could have been placed above “FAST,” I think it serves as a teaser for future music. It captures the addictiveness of “Unreal” with the melodic highlights of “FAST.” It’s a smart way to close the EP.

Neom 0541 will be a nostalgic release for 2010-2013 rock-era fans. For newer listeners, you can get an introduction into the rebirth of Korean melodic rock with pop influences. I’m definitely interested in seeing what BØJEONG has coming next.

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