Out Of Place : Sign of Wounds

Out Of Place‘s “Sign of Wounds” gives off Mot vibes and I’m here for it.

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Munzijam : Converter (feat. 파야 PAYA)

There’s not much info about Munzijam and the Instagram on the dead YouTube channel doesn’t work. The music, though, is a weird and strange jam of sounds with the feature from PAYA. I think she’s the vocalist on the track and Munzijam is the artist behind the arrangement. Regardless, “Converter” is a fun song.

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Ezzle : Indulge in Romance

I listened to Ezzle‘s earlier singles before the start of Short Stuff and then she released Indulge in Romance. It’s a R&B base with pop and city pop elements popping out. There’s a definite core style here and Ezzle is showing off by the end.

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Hanseein : Dark Seasons

2020’s Dark Seasons was on my list of reviews for a long time and I regret not reviewing it when I first saw it. I feel like Hanseein is an artist who might not be out in front of audiences, but his music is an important piece of Korean music history. This release is a folk-forward and indie-elemental along with blues hints piece that binds and weaves everything together. It sounds timeless.v

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Kim Na Eun : Two Dreams

Kim Na Eun started releasing music in 2018 and I only found out about her through Two Dreams in 2020. Thankfully, she’s continued to release music and this first introduction gave me a great feeling. It’s a clean and pointed indie, folk, and pop album. She doesn’t sit in one style and explores a lot.

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