OYU : Love Is All For ME

“Love Is All For Me” is a little surprising because instead of a standard R&B ballad, OYU released a jazz-blues-and-gospel hybrid that highlights her vocals.

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The introduction sounds like SILICA GEL, but CHUNGYOILE really feels like a mix of cotoba and orange flavored cigarettes. So it’s a mix of math rock and indie rock.

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Sunsat : Dream

“Dream” is an easy melodic pop rock debut. Sunsat sounds very polished and they have a unique tone but I’m waiting for the next single.

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Dead Chant : Some kind of feeling

Dead Chant‘s last release was 2022’s DEGENERATION. I’m wondering if there’s been a switch inside the band but they’re still following the pop punk style they’ve favored since the beginning. “Some kind of feeling” does sound like an older band of the genre though.

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we hate jh : JOYRIDE

we hate jh continues to walk the path of indie rock. You could argue that the band plays the same style without changing on every single release and I agree. But Korean music needs we hate jh to stay the course.

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PEACE:B : Tickle me pink!

PEACE:B reminds me a lot of YENA’s recent very radio-friendly pop punk pop singles. There’s an unknown amount of polish that flows across both of these songs while they try to sound rough. They’re fun and forgettable pop singles that fill the time.

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