CHANMIN : Blood and skin

I don’t know CHANMIN, but “Blood and skin” is an addictive rock and R&B-ish song. It’s different with the slow tempo but the verse changes make everything interesting.

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DIAMOB : Dance with me

On DIAMOB‘s Spotify, it lists six members but only shows five in profile shots. That’s a big group, five or six members aside, collective but DIAMOB can temper and balance all the different members well. “Dance With Me” follows a recognized path but every piece is solid and there’s growth on every release.

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ANYO : Poser

“Poser” is a radio-friendly rock track with high pop melodies and a pseudo-aggressive posture. It’s an ok song that you might forget after the first listen. The weakness is that it’s missing a hook.

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yooji : Don’t You Wanna

When I first heard “Don’t You Wanna,” I figured it was a simple indie rock track. But as yooji moves through each verse, a country and “spring pop” spectrum starts flowing. The single is disarming but latches on. It doesn’t sound like something you’d hear from a Korean artist recently and that’s the best part.

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seoseo : Always

According to her Spotify, seoseo released a new single every month in 2024 so far. That’s impressive. “Always” is another great addition or introduction, depending if you know seoseo or not, and while not a standout single, it’s a middle-strength song.

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Narotic : Stroke

“Stroke” is a weird song. It sounds like a transformational rock track mixing British rock pieces, indie pop, and melodic rock. Depending on the time in the song, you get introduced to different elements. It’s pretty engaging though.

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lart : Lethe

lart‘s “Lethe” brings back old pop styles and mixes them with electronic and jazz. It’s a big nostalgic ride that sounds aged but also futuristic. You feel like you’ve heard this before but can’t place it.

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Sailor Honeymoon : PMS Police

“PMs Police” is a companion to “Bad Apple.” The difference between the two is Sailor Honeymoon fills each verse. I think this single will gain more attention because it uses a lot of familiar structural elements but still presents a unique angle.

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