Dolphin Pants Brothers are the perfect nostalgic listen for old punk and ska fans. Give It To Me fits right next to Catch22, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, and other late 90s/early 2000s ska punk. It’s amazing how this album fits right into that era without any effort.

dolphin pants brothers give it to me album cover

The “Intro” is a perfect 43-second mix of styles before “I Don’t Want To Die Before Drink.” There’s a wild abandon in the vocals and the instrumentals are performed with precision. One of the hardest things for bands to capture is their live energy but Dolphin Pants Brothers include all of it in this first track.

And the band’s trombone and saxophone add the chorus support to make everything present with more energy. Dolphin Pants Brothers sound like they’ve been a band for decades. Each note adds to the verse and continues to amp up the momentum.

“Shooting Star” is probably the most enjoyable live song with its punk-focused chorus. Each time I listen to it, I’m more impressed with how the band was able to balance every element. There are multiple extended verses, tempo switches, and breakdowns throughout “Shooting Star” and that makes it a highlight.

As Korean punk’s older bands have limited releases, it’s up to the younger generation to keep things going. And while there are newer bands, they align with a more middle-of-the-road punk rock and hardcore. Ska punk is a genre that’s for the youth and I’m glad that Dolphin Pants Brothers are keeping it alive.

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