Since most of 01SYTNTH‘s releases have been singles, I’ve been waiting for a longer release. COSMOS is a 2023 EP with four songs. And when you listen to the entire discography, it’s clear that 01SYNTH has a clear plan and is following through.

01synth cosmos album cover

Foundationally, 01SYNTH is an electronic musician. According to the track list, the four songs cover three styles: trap, liquid drum and bass, and chill trap. But as someone who listens to electronic pop or melodic electronic indie, I’m not too familiar with the basic elements in these subgenres. But COSMOS is a flowing and organic EP. It moves quickly with the bass pulsing and waves of melody flowing constantly.

I’m not the person to decide if the EP is “good” or “bad” examples of the specific genres, all I can say is that I haven’t gotten tired of listening to COSMOS on repeat. 01SYNTH’s entire discography has a flow and sounds like it should be played from start to finish in one giant playlist.

With two songs in the liquid drum and bass genre, I wonder if this is 01SYNTH’s favored arena. Or do they create a cycle within the EP for the listener? COSMOS does present a very atmospheric tone and highlights the outer space narrative that the title suggests.

In my opinion, as an electronic music generalist, COSMOS is timeless. It doesn’t sound like it’s following any specific trend and is another chapter in 01SYNTH’s music. With a continued stream of new singles, there’s always something new releasing. COSMOS is a good place to start, but all of 01SYNTH is an excellent listen.

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