Jeon Dain Band : Little Dandelion

I guess Jeon Dain is also a member of Socialclub Hyangwu. “Little Dandelion” is a nostalgic moody rock mixed with a blues track. It’s profoundly solid and captures a melancholy energy without effort.

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The vocalist’s delivery sounds very nasally. The music is very pointed indie pop rock. It’s not bad.

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Moceori : Meridian

“Meridan” is a combination of many styles and genres. The baseline sounds like jazz with funk and Mediterranean-esque fusion added at points. Moceori presents an internationally fused sound.

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Fuzzy Pug : Give and Take

Fuzzy Pug sounds like a hard rock revival that HarryBigButton, Gate Flowers, and BADLAMB kept alive. It’s basic hard rock that gets to the point and stays there.

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Holocity : Rocket boy

I feel like Holocity has stayed this singular course where the music is enjoyable but it doesn’t stick. “Rocket Boy” is a fine electronic indie pop track.

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Shiro : Delusion

Shiro evolves on every release, either going into a new direction or using a past release as an influence. “Delusion” is a slow and low burn. It doesn’t match every mood, but a good experience.

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