Kim Sejun : 원한다면 다 줄게

“원한다면 다 줄게” by Kim Sejun is a solid R&B track that hits all the checkmarks for this type of lowkey melodic single. It’s a good playlist addition.

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Orchid : Xenium

Orchid is a melodic rock band that leans towards popular radio. “Xenium” is in English, which could help to crossover into international listeners. Not bad at all but nothing new.

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Shin Hantae & the Reggae Soul : Take it Easy

Someone should write an essay about how reggae and its subgenres were introduced and spread in Korean music. It’s a genre outlier that has a small but dedicated number of musicians who continue to play. I never heard of Shin Hantae & the Reggae Soul and “Take it Easy” sounds like a love letter to the genre.

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UZA moved from South Korea to Germany, married, and seemingly has started a new chapter in her life which has bled over into her music. Regardless of the subject matter, she continues to explore electronic music. “PSALM 4 NEO” definitely leans towards religious introspection but UZA’s electronic foundation continues to show.

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The Deep, HUNJIYA : shy girl!

I mean this most respectfully, but “shy girl!” is so dumb it’s great. It works because The Deep and HUNJIYA have a lot of music currency with previous releases and allows this very sugar-pop collaboration. The song couldn’t work as a debut single because of the repetition but it can work as a transition song on a longer release.


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The Deep

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