Silly Silky (formerly YESEO) always brings something unique and fresh to the table, and the vibrant cover art for this brief EP is certainly indicative of its overall sound — playful, but edgy. SILLY : Episode 1 is fun and optimistic, with lyrics that are self-assured without being self-important. It makes for a fun foray into synth pop from the versatile Silly Silky.

Silly Silky silly episode 1 album cover

The first track, “Drama Queen,” is immediately poppy and fun, opening with a catchy whistling tune that soon becomes a funky bass riff. Her name drop of Lindsay Lohan (“Just like Lindsay Lohan / everyone talk about me / ‘cause I got whole thing”) brought to mind the 2004 movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, a childhood favorite of mine that made me nostalgic.

With lyrics that almost feel like a pop-punk song in their attempt to balance angst over the complicated emotional rollercoaster of life and the desire to stay cool, and Silly Silky singing in her slightly lower tone with some added vocal fry, the whole track has a coming-of-age vibe that I really enjoy. 

“Goddamn, baby

I am such a drama queen (woohoo)

My life is 말론 못해


I’m sorry to say

but always right”

“Text Me Back” opens with the familiar sound of a text being received – one that Silly Silky makes it clear she does not welcome. The bright breakup song features Latin guitar and has a late 90s/early 2000s teen pop, infectious and confident. Her lyrics hint to the dichotomy between her ‘silly’ and ‘silky’ sides (perhaps like Red Velvet’s combination of poppy ‘red’ and R&B or ballad ‘velvet’ concepts) when she sings,

“Hi (Hi)

This is me

I am silly

With a full heart (full heart)

Ms. Silky

When you really

Need a bad type”

SILLY : Episode 1 seems to be an embodiment of her silly side – bold, bright, and playful, with a little bit of edge and a healthy dose of confidence as she continues to grow and change. 

The final track, “Bounce Back,” features a fittingly bouncy synth. It’s light, groovy, and optimistic. The song is all about finding the balance between being confident and cocky, and learning how to ‘bounce back’ from a challenge. Despite setbacks, Silly Silky is confident in her ability to come out stronger on the other side of any roadblocks.

“Makes me better than ever

Getting stronger when I

bounce back

One, two, three or more

Deadline 없는

나의 challenge

Give me more, Umm Umm

Tough cookie 같은

나의 성질”

If you’re looking for a pop-infused confidence boost, SILLY : Episode 1 might be just what you need to lift your spirits. Each track is uniquely fun and catchy and has me eagerly pondering what the next possible Episode might hold.

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