GonyBand : Kiss & Hug

Gonyband‘s “Kiss & Hug” is a fun rock song. It’s got a lot of energy but the tempo does feel a few beats too slow compared to the energy the song is trying to push. A good standard track in Korean rock.

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Tuesday Beach Club : Ever

“Ever” sounds like an extended coda to their self-titled EP. A mellow indie rock track that captures the early morning sun or the farewell at dusk. Another taste of Tuesday Beach Club.

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najunho : Genuine

I wonder why najunho released a single with two identical tracks that have two different names. The electronic-mixed-rock is pretty interesting and provides a decent introduction to the music. Curious what could be in the works.

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sucozy : I Didn’t Like The Way I Do

The second single since ! Interjection, d‘s “I Didn’t Like The Way I Do” sounds like an exploration into mellow R&B. I’m not sure if it’s a total style change but as a single, it’s a nice little greeting.

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verycoybunny : I Guess

verycoybunny has great consistency with releases and her recognizable style. I feel like she’s always on the edge of really blowing up, even though she’s already shown her ability. “I Guess” is another example of that.

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eJe : Spring Night

Artists have to stop using “e” in front of their name. I understand that Korean phonetics allows this, but there are a few too many artists with it. eJe‘s “Spring Night” is a good indie ballad. Mellow and enjoyable.

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Green Dawn : just way it is

“just way it is” is a track that will probably get passed with its original release date and then come back into view in around three to six months. It has a great composition and further showcases Green Dawn. It may have released in a tide of new songs unfortunately.

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