Gakkeum Project : don’t disturb the clouds

don’t disturb the clouds by Gakkeum Project is a light and mellow introduction. The duo has created a familiar and engaging single.

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Ghost Bookstore : Children with Starry Blood

Ghost Bookstore fills a gap of brooding emo shoegaze melodic rock. “Children with Starry Blood” is great.

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Electric Planet Five : Air

I have unfortunately missed out on Electric Planet Five for a long time. Even though I’ve listened to various singles and albums, I didn’t take the time to really appreciate the music. But “Air” is a great place to start.

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Universe Mongae, UZA, Cat Psalm : SWEAT

When these three get together to make music, the results are always great. “SWEAT” is a great club song.


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Cat Psalm

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Universe Mongae

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hyejin9w9 : SPEED!!!

This is how you make a debut. Loud, trashy, and unpolished to the public while harnessing some crazy energy.

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Precocious Neophyte : Maum

I haven’t kept up with Precocious Neophyte‘s releases since Home In The Desert so “Maum” is my return. It’s funny because it sounds like what I think Precocious Neophyte would sound like from the name which is different from the debut.

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Yetsuby : The Sublime Embrace

I didn’t know Yetsuby was one-half of Salamanda or that she has a large number of solo releases. This is a pre-release single for her EP and it’s that type of electronic music that creates a mental image of a universe that she’s invited you into. Strange and beautiful.

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HAEPAARY : The Night

HAEPAARY made a big introduction with their 2021 EP, were showcased everywhere, and then seemed to disappear. They didn’t release anything in 2023 and “The Night” is the first 2024 release. They haven’t lost anything that made them interesting. Maybe the time away from the spotlight has built a library of new tracks.

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AERI : No New News

I wonder how much AERI is inspired or influenced by her environment. “No New News” is a melancholy and haunting single. It feels like she’s continually defining, refining, and resurfacing her artistry. This single is a result of that.

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