hanbee : days months years

It’s interesting that I found hanbee through BLEE, but now hanbee has established herself as a soloist. I haven’t kept up with all the release and “days months years” is an indie pop track that’s pretty much a perfect example of the genre.

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Hoochus : Into My Blue World

I feel like I’ve heard of or heard music by Hoochus before but I can’t place it. “Into My Blue World” is a good indie rock track with a bit of country spice. It’s laid back and easy to get into.

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Straighters : I Wanna Dance

I originally read Straighters as Straightener. Instead of Japanese rock, Straighters is a very fine intersection of rock and punk. It leans on either side depending on what part of the verse you’re listening to. “I Wanna Dance” is a great debut single.

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Electriceels : Tea Time for Cats and Magpies

Since Electriceels went from The Electric Eels to a solo project, the music feels like it’s going toward The Black Skirts genre exploration. “Tea Time for Cats and Magpies” sounds like a mid-album transition track. It also feels like another step in whatever direction this project is heading towards.

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HUNJIYA : tourguide

KHAMAI was an impressive step forward for HUNJIYA. “tourguide” sounds like it came from those sessions but also has a tone from her Look After August era. It’s hard to exactly place where this fits in her discography and I just want more of her music.

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kidohu : Walkaholic (with. Jinny Park)

An off-beat indie rock song and what looks like the start of a discography, “Walkaholic” is a simple but addictive single. It comes and goes quickly with a bit of repetition, but it’s a nice start.

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H:SEAN : eemm

A standard R&B single that’s looking for a crest. It sounds like a song you’d hear on a road trip but needs some staying power.

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Turn For Our : Illuminated

The unfortunate trend is that a lot of punk and hardcore bands can’t record often enough. A lot of bands that I heard early on have years between releases and that’s sad. Turn For Our‘s Illuminated scratches that hardcore itch perfectly, I just wish there was more.

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Animal Divers : Oriental haze

Animal Divers is a band that I expected to be more of a once-in-a-while project. But Ash and HyunJO are more consistent than a lot of established bands. “Oriental haze” continues the mixture of synth/guitar and didgeridoo/organic audio with success. This combination makes the music timeless. And the addition of DongYang Gozupa‘s yanggeum only adds another amazing layer.

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