Some people may not know but way back in the day, HUNJIYA emailed me about her first EP, Lineage. Since then I have followed her career and listened, if not reviewed, most of the longer releases. She has evolved and grown a lot since those early days and I thought KHAMAI would have been the start of mainstream media following her more.

But as expected, the album was used and forgotten for the next shiny thing, HUNJIYA completed her contract and has returned to her independent roots. The first song in this current chapter is “tourguide.” And we’re here to help premiere it. Like all of HUNJIYA’s songs, it’s worth the listen and on repeat.

The leaps and bounds that her music has taken is amazing. She gets a little bit of mainstream attention but hasn’t had the break that I know she could (and deserves) have. This is the clap in your face to get your attention.

HUNJIYA has a knack for capturing a flurry of emotions in her music, and her latest single is a triumphant return to the
indie music scene with her poignant new single “tourguide”, out today on all streaming platforms.
Since her debut with the EP Lineage in 2017, HUNJIYA’s music has captivated audiences, including features in British
Vogue, Rolling Stone Korea, NYLON Magazine, and PAPER Magazine, among others. Known for her evocative blends
of modern production, rich vocal harmonies, and heartfelt lyrics, HUNJIYA crafts music that feel both like intimate
conversations with a close friend or internal monologues. Her latest track “tourguide” is no exception, marking her first
independent release in three years.
With “tourguide,” HUNJIYA delves into her personal experiences of dating in her time living in Seoul. Through ethereal
melodies and dynamic choruses, the track tells her story of her almost-romances with visiting prospects, leaving her
feeling like nothing more than a passive tourguide. Through introspective lyrics, HUNJIYA transforms feelings of
exploitation into an anthem of self-empowerment and personal agency.
Detailing the creative process behind “tourguide,” HUNJIYA says, “This track was born after moving to Korea and
finding myself on a dating spree where most of the men I met were tourists looking for recommendations from
someone who was also still unfamiliar with the city.” The infusion of bossa-nova percussion with soft keys rising to
crescendo moments of electric guitar riffs reflect a constant interplay between the tender and defiant emotions of the
lyrics, capturing HUNJIYA’s experience of finding her footing in a new world.
On “tourguide”, HUNJIYA collaborated with producer Daniel Loumpouridis, bringing her signature sound – lush vocal
layers and textured guitars – into a new direction. The combination of their creative talents makes “tourguide” into yet
another powerful story in HUNJIYA’s evolving musical journey

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