Elephant in a fridge sent an email before the official release of their self-titled EP. At the time, the shared link of songs was out of order so I didn’t know how the EP would play out. Now after listening to both the songs as a set and ordered in the EP, Elephant in a fridge definitely shows off their influences and music tastes on the debut.

elephant in a fridge album cover

“I think I love you” is an indie pop, indie rock, and synth pop 80s throwback. The melodies are all accented with a synth tone and I didn’t see a keyboard in the album notes, meaning the synth sounds are a heavily processed guitar. That shows a lot of talent to start. I like this song, mainly as an introduction, but it does drag a little towards the end of its 2:46 track time.

The song that might be the best definition of the band is the lead single. “Pause” presents more standard indie rock ideas. A melodic and sustained vocal delivery across the verse. Supporting bass and drums for a foundation mixed with guitars that add dimension and structure. It reminds me of Misty Blue‘s indie pop rock, a style missing in Korean music.

“Jupiter” is a companion to “Pause.” It’s like a second part of a conversation and further cements Elephant in a fridge into this genre. It an enjoyable and solid song that moves the EP along. The song that really stuck out was “cup.” I’m surprised when I hear songs that sound like they come from All About Lily Chou-Chou. “cup” sounds like a direct response to “Glide.” I don’t think that a band should emulate Salyu‘s work, but this kind of influence is always fun to hear.

Elephant in a fridge is a great debut. It has a good introduction song, two song middle establishment tracks, and one major surprise. It’s more probable that Elephant in a fridge will live in the world of “Pause” and “Jupiter,” but they might be even more interesting exploring the emo melodic melodramatic universe that All About Lily Chou-Chou created without copying the signature elements.

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