MOMENTSYUMI has transitioned through multiple genres with all of her singles. This latest, “Starlight,” is a moody and melancholy indie rock track. It feels a little different from her other singles and older releases she had but I really want an EP or full length.

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Neontype : Nostalgia

According to Spotify, Neontype is an “electronic fusion project.” Nostalgia is a two-song single with a full length expected in late June. The music has that ambient electronic composition where it’s creating a dimensional space with wide verses so I’m sure the full length will be deep.

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Eunjae Lee : reminisce

“reminisce” sounds like a church song mixed with bedroom rock. With singles starting in 2023, it looks like Eunjae Lee been consistent with releases and it getting started. It’s a nice OST single.

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Lee Aram : Paradox

Lee Aram has a long discography and looks like she got a big boost with her 2018 EP, 2526. “Paradox” is a good example of R&B pop and how this specific style is as synonymous with South Korea as Kpop is. I’ve heard so many songs (and variations) in this style and it’s a true representation of another popular style.

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CEIGHT fills a hole in rock music. “ONE SHOT” is a song that’s betrayed by the mixing and mastering. You can hear the rock energy that’s forced into a passive existence behind vocals that don’t sound like they believe what they’re singing. CEIGHT are likely better live and this single isn’t a great digital representation.

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Leevisa : Keystone

I don’t listen to Leevisa consistently so “Keystone” is like a reintroduction. The electronic foundation with muddled vocals reminds me of Iggy Pop‘s “Lust For Life.” It’s not the composition or arrangement that is similar to me, but the overall energy the track gives off. It’s strangely nostalgic.

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Myun JI : Journey

“Journey” is another standard indie pop song. Myun Ji‘s style is familiar to anyone who’s explored the pop-forward side of indie pop mixed with ballad elements. It’s a nice calming track that fits easily in any playlist.

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sunshy : Poison

Since expanding out from a duo (according to the YouTube video), sunshy is opening up their sound. It’s more melodic than past releases but keeps the shoegaze elements that the original duo started with. It really sounds like sunshy is developing into something different as a band, but polishing their sound into a sharp edge.

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