Bugs! classifies Bok Dajin as an indie and ballad artist that performs indie pop and jazz pop. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure if that’s 100% accurate. There are a lot of pieces from these genres but I think that she’s more of a hybrid constructionist. There are places in songs that are easily recognizable genres but the songs are complex arrangements.

bok dajin only you know album cover

Only You Know is her second full length, arriving after her 2020 debut and first LP, A diary of dreamy songs. Listening to the 10-song album, Bok Dajin has a focus on melody in all of her songs with a mix of contemporary indie folk styles (“Questions”) and mix-match-layering compositions (“Pitter-patter”).

The album unfolds like an organic jump from idea to idea. That makes it difficult to jump and find a single on the album. Because Bok Dajin’s audio center allows for a lot of expanded ideas and long explorations. Even though the album is 33 minutes, it feels more comprehensive.

And to her credit, every song is presented naturally and nothing sounds out of place. She can move around the jazz pop genre and then open up a piano-led folk pop-ish track, like “Glass Wall,” with ease. And it’s that ease that is even more impressive because Only You Know sounds effortless but there are so many layers in her music that come across on multiple listens.

This album is best as a mood-specific listen that sits at attention or just slightly behind your focus. This way you’ll find the songs that anchor you to the album. Bok Dajin is similar to artists like CIKFIA, itta, and Cacophony. She has a core focus genre but can manipulate other style elements into her music naturally. It’s impressive to hear.

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