I know nothing about Wussami but I know that “DRACULAGIRL” is a fun song.

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Hyojin Sun : Slowly

“Slowly” is a hybrid indie rock, jazz, and ballad single that Hyojin Sun has debuted with, It’s a strong single compared to other debut singles.

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Fanxy : PTSD

“PTSD” is one of the most impressive jazz-pop hybrid tracks I’ve heard this year. It shouldn’t go this hard. Respect to Fanxy.

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In respect to recent electronic music I’ve listened to over the past couple of years, Witcha is among the most enjoyable on the first listen. The music is familiar and nostalgic electronic club music, reminding me a lot of roller skating rinks, and getting to the core of melodies quickly. I want more of this type of music. Think less, move more.

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KANG New, Fat Hamster : Blackjack

KANG New and Fat Hamster seem to be attached with multiple live performances. “BlackJack” feels and sounds like an off-shoot from the setting that Here Is The Thing put down.

Kang NEW

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Fat Hamster

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Rosmile : Happy Tears

I listened to a bit of “Happy Tears” and then went back to some previously released songs. What I get the most from Rosmile is that she hasn’t found her particular personal artist vision. She has talent but I don’t believe everything I’m hearing.

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Mosshill : Auto Pilot

Mosshill is the intersection of modern rock and jazz and funk. “Auto Pilot” scratches an inch in rock music that’s been missing for a while. The only question is what can it do on a longer release?

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