ocean in the eyes : Grima

ocean in the eyes plays a style of alternative melodic rock that’s come and go in Korean music. Thankfully the band bring it back because it’s been missing for too long.

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Jen Moon : Where I’ve Been

Whatever the circumstances that led to the long break from 2021 to 2023 and the year between her last single and “Where I’ve Been,” it’s clear Jen Moon is back with a purpose. There’s a maturity across the entire song and it sounds like she’s directing her aim at something or someone.

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Cosmos Hippie : come from behind

Cosmos Hippie has been around for such a long time, creating and releasing engaging indie and folk style songs. Essentially, it’s a comfortable and reliable sound that is always great to come back to.

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Iris Kymm, nn : Equinox

Instagram referred Iris Kymm through a reel and I watched some of her reels before listening to “Equinox.” The track is a jazz club and funk single. I’m not sure where nn appears on the track but the song is enjoyable. But the vocal effects during the chorus are a little distracting

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AVOKID : One word

When you listen to AVOKID‘s 2019 debut and compare it to “One word,” there are significant changes. It’s not a matter of better or worse, I like how she’s chronicled her artist journey through her music. This is where AVOKID is now. The low key ballad and rock mix fits her perfectly.

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serin oh : do u wanna be…

This return is a 2024 highlight. It has a precision and polish that’s going right for the throat. serin oh has changed on this song.

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Eunoia : Moon Piece

Dreamy indie folk pop is what I get from “Moon Piece.” Eunoia‘s warm vocals propel the song. And it’s different from “Promise” in a way that shows she’s not stuck in one genre. An artist to follow for sure.

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