Neeha : Big Fish

“Big Fish” by Neeha is a simple-on-the-surface mellow rock track that showcases a deeper melodic emotional weight throughout its five and a half minute length. It’s an impressive track.

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Kwon Han Kyung : A girl of the mountain village

Kwon Han Kyung has similar vocals to OOHYO but leans into folk and nature-inspired melodies and tones. The single is simple but cleansing. “Balloon flower” has that bossa nova and folk mix that indie artists love.

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Leeyeongwon : To. Jeong

I like listening to indie folk as background music and Leeyeongwon‘s “To. Jeong” works as a primary listen or calming white noise. It’s enough to make you go deeper into her discography.

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BeerMaster : Tropical Parfait Feat. VeroniQue

“Tropical Parfait” is the perfect summer song that is bizarre and addictive. Just listen to it. BeerMaster has released one of the best songs of 2024.

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CRYING NUT : Lonesome Petals Came Together To Become a Butterfly

Crying Nut hasn’t changed their style and continues to release polished punk-adjacent-rock. They’re still at the top and the single reminds audiences they’re still here. Newer Korean music fans need to go into their discography.

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I wonder if this newer set of songs HUNJIYA is releasing comes from her KHAMAI-era or if they’re a new chapter. I can hear some connections between the two except that “echo” and “tourguide” sound more personal and organic than the polish that KHAMAI offered.

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Jung hyun jin : Anymore

“Anymore” is an attempt for Jung hyun jin to figure out what genre suits her best. This single is perfectly adequate for her vocals, but is this style what she wants to pursue? It’s a little generic.

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