Blue Turtle Land is a band that floats right under the surface of popular known groups. They have elements in common with many well known indie acts, intertwining pieces together. They have also been around for a long time, spanning back to 2016 with an extended break from 2017-2022. I think my first introduction was their single “TROUBLE.”

blue turtle land 청호춘가 靑蝴春歌 album cover

靑蝴春歌 is a five-song EP. It might be the best current introduction for the band since their 2017 full length. The EP has a classic indie rock tone mixed with more contemporary rock arrangements that’s all glued together with a mellow polish. Even though the music could be presented with more power, it feels like a deliberate move to keep things a little restrained.

“Lydia (SOuL Sailor)” sounds like the cousin to SILICA GEL. It has a similar melodic presentation while keeping a unique style. For a person listening to Blue Turtle Land for the first time, it’s a great way to ease in. “靑蝴春歌” is the lead single. It feels like a combination of the best pieces of indie music in the last couple of years. It’s a mellow track while also moving with a sway and addictive melody. It gets stuck in your head without a realization.

“Obsidian” gives listeners a pause with an instrumental track. This shows how well Blue Turtle Land’s music can work strictly as an instrumental but could it also be a tease to a longer instrumental in the future? “2044” offers an indie, beach-side funk tone. It’s a good highlight of the album and further showcases the band’s talent.

Closing 靑蝴春歌 is “Amber.” Somehow, Blue Turtle Land turns the tempo down a few beats but offers a different tone overall. It’s the perfect closer to the EP. It’s a great song.

I shouldn’t have missed Blue Turtle Land for so long, but 靑蝴春歌 is an impressive release, especially with the level of bands around right now. Hopefully, there is a longer release in the works or something to tide us over until a full length.

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