It Tastes Good : Why can’t We?

It Tastes Good‘s “Why can’t We?” is an interesting blues and rock track. A good start and a nice second single.

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Mingginyu : let me live

I didn’t know Mingginyu had 180k+ monthly Spotify listeners. There’s probably not much I could say because she’s already found fans with her folk style.

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After Thoughts : Passing Face

“Passing Face” is an intersection of electronic instrumentation and warm pop vocals. It draws you in and retains your attention throughout the entire track.

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Out Of Place : Night Rain

I first heard Out Of Place back in Short Stuff 14 and “Sign of Wounds.” “Night Rain” has a different sound this time with a more moody and melancholy melodic tone.

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eundohee : Sleep on It

eundohee is venturing into the world of low key indie rock pop on “Sleep on It.” With Seulhan Koo‘s help, this single is a change from her older releases but fits in the world of 2024 indie rock.

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The Needles : Mapo City Run

The Needles tag themselves as retropop and indie pop. The self-described description fits well. “Mapo City Run” is like a companion to Japanese city pop.

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