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The purpose of Korean Indie is to help international readers discover the huge diversity of music in South Korea. While the term “indie” usually defines one type of music, Korea is full of exciting and cool bands that play a wide range of sounds, and we want visitors to discover them all, regardless of genre.

Korean Indie is always working to promote interesting bands and musicians through our different channels.

Current Staff

Chris Park (@wakesidevision)

Owner of KoreanIndie.com. Listens to a lot of music.


Rachel (@rachelpepperi)

A composer of music myself who has been inspired by Korean indie music for many years, specifically rock, electronic, and experimental music.

Jean Park (@JeanParkssam)

Happily enjoying music, in love with Korean indie scene. Also happily learning more on music being with KoreanIndie.com

Danny Hwang (@DannyHwang1231)

I’m the founder and producer of K-Sound on WNUR. Though Korean rock and electronic music are my two favorites, I enjoy all genres of music and am interested in keeping up with the various different music scenes in Korea

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Korean Indie was founded by Anna Lindgren Lee, Chris Park, and Mark Russell in 2011.

Past Staff

Anna Lindgren Lee (resigned – no longer has any affiliation)
Managing News Editor

Mark Russell (resigned – no longer has any affiliation)


Jessica Lee

Ethan Hoffman




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