As a member of Sugar Donut, Ash brought his own solo album in 2010. The 3 phases of love lost is similar in tone to the pop punk sound that Sugar Donut produced and makes sense from the influence of his main band.

The difference with the album is that Ash’s solo album carries a more emotional tone and warmer sound than Sugar Donut released.

I wouldn’t readily consider The 3 phases of love lost as a pop punk album even though it contains a lot of the same styles. The album is more pop rock. With eleven songs, there is a lot of space for Ash to explore different sounds, covering English and Korean vocals. “안녕” is one of my favorite songs. The strange nostalgic sound of the music reminds me of old American pop punk ballads than anything else I heard from Korea.

The album is full of energy and never slows down. It’s a fun listen that remains one of the albums that remains in rotation even after it’s 2010 release.

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