Galaxy Express are the premier Korean garage rock band. Their style of dirty rock and roll consists of high energy and fast tempos and sounds very much like Japan’s Guitar Wolf.

Their ability to play older garage/punk is shown off on Noise on Fire. The album contains 25 songs, a lot more than usually found on any album. With that many songs, you really get a sense of the abilities of the band and how good they are.

Of course, to someone who isn’t familiar with the music, Galaxy Express may sound a bit repetitive because the style of music doesn’t change that much from song to song. Though by listening closer, you will see how good the band is at playing.

The trio are fond of repetitive chords in the verse and that arrangement of the song shows up frequently. Noise on Fire is the best introduction to the band though. Since the album has so many tracks, there will be one that really stands out.

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