I think Han Heejung was the first solo female vocalist that I listened to. I didn’t know she was part of Bluedawn back then since I didn’t really look at band members.

What I do remember about 너의 다큐멘트 was an amazing listen from the first song. “너의 다큐멘트” presented a warm voice combined with layered instrumentals that moved at a brisk pace, but didn’t feel rushed.

Listening through the other songs, there is a certain peace that comes with listening to 너의 다큐멘트. It’s strange because the music is kind of busy with guitar, bass, and drums forming the backbone of the song, but the synth additions weaving through the music as well. I would otherwise think that the songs were too busy, but the elements on the songs are perfect.

The strength for Han Heejung is her voice. It can take a lot of different forms while she’s singing and her control of the volume can change the tone of a song in an instant. The songs on the album are varied and going from full-band to acoustic guitar accompaniment back to a song like “Re” shows a lot of ability in song writing.

Her subsequent albums are different from 너의 다큐멘트, but this album is a classic.

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