Taru has gone through a lot of changes stylistically since her time in The Melody. 100 Percent Reality is a big change from her previous pop-friendly albums and has a much more organic sound.

Her vocals are the most recognizable among a lot of female singers and the album is much more directed towards indie rock. The light melodies and intricate guitar highlight a lot of the album. Her vocals are also varied.

Her normal tone is somewhat lower in tone, but on songs like “Love Me” she is able to go higher than I expected and still sound very melodic.

If you’re exploring more indie rock or singer-songwriter style music, Taru’s album is a good place to start. The variety on the album shows that she knows how to format her abilities to hit specific styles. Even though three of the eleven songs are the same song with different versions, there is more than enough variety on the album to get a sense of her ability.

100 Percent Reality is the best of her albums, even though her others were good, the electro-pop that the previous albums had covered her vocals.

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