Verbal Jint‘s hip-hop style has been different from other artists. As I’ve listened to the majority of his albums, his style has changed to a much more laid-back style of verse delivery. His last album Go Easy was a lot more melodic than I had expected.

10 Years of Misinterpretation Part I feels like it continues that trend, but adds an acoustic tone to the overall presentation. It’s less loud bass and more melody and upbeat. It’s a lot different from what I’ve heard before from Verbal Jint and other hip-hop artists.

I think that 10 Years of Misinterpretation Part I is a more mature album that speaks to a different time in his life rather than producing and releasing music that he’s done before. With guests like 10cm and Ivy, it mixes genres together while Verbal Jint expresses lyrics in different ways.

The album may not sound like his best, but approaching the music in a different way, 10 Years of Misinterpretation Part I is an album that grows though multiple plays before appreciation can come through.

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