Neon Bunny‘s return in 2012 is with Happy Ending. Presenting a much stronger (and possibly more aggressive) electro-pop and electronica theme with four songs, it sounds like Neon Bunny is much more comfortable as a vocalist. There’s a big dance/club influence in the music that fits her voice very well.

At the same time, the music carries a darker sound. The bass beats carry more weight and the samples that surround her voice have a distinct tinge. It’s a more mature sound that her original debut album and I like this new sound. Happy Ending also has a big 1980s new wave feel in “왕자님.”

Her music does sound old school, but her performances over the instrumentals give a future-forward impression. It wouldn’t surprise me as this single becoming a trend in music by re-imagining older styles into something more current. Somehow with only four songs, Neon Bunny makes the single feel like a full-length. Each song has multiple layers and dense tracks like “첫사랑” make it easy to repeatedly listen.

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