Listening to Han Heejung is like going back in time because she was one of the early musicians that I listened to. I didn’t know she was part of Bluedawn at that point either. The 2009 EP presents 7 songs in a singer-songwriter style that is somewhat common in South Korea.

There are a lot of artists who favor accompaniment by just a guitar and for Han Heejung, it works perfectly. Her voice is mellow and melodic that is surrounded by simple guitar strumming and accompanied by a light amount of synthesized keyboards or drums to add some structure. The tempo of songs on 끈 are temperate and don’t necessarily breeze along. There is a nice even flow with each song and keeps elements from stagnating.

It’s strange because her style can sound very similar to other musicians, but there is something individualistic about her playing and song arrangement that sounds specifically like her. After listening to her music, it’s really easy to know that you’re listening to Han Heejung.

The age of 끈 does show what kind of styles were a little more common during 2009, but for an EP it’s one of the best worth listening to.

Guest vocals by Taru (타루)

Han Heejung on Twitter.

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