Another member of, leeSA also released her own videos on YouTube. Her style is a bit different from J.Rabbit and leeSA Wiv Hcube shows the difference. Her voice carries a stronger R&B sound, even though she sings with a singer-songwriter tone.

Her ability to craft her voice to fit strong melodies is shown on “오늘도 어제처럼.” It has a mature sound and a bit more complete than many of the songs by J.Rabbit. It’s interesting that while they’ve recorded duets, her voice really shines on the album.

There are other styles like “The Boy Meets the Girl” which is more of an synth/electronica filler track. Closing out the album are covers of Coldplay‘s “Viva La Vida” and Ke$sha‘s “Tik Tok.” Her covers are arranged for acoustic styles and show how well leeSA is able to manipulate her voice.

leeSA Wiv Hcube is a great album to listen to. Though it’s a little short on original songs, she has an impressive command in her recordings and her ability is easily heard. on Facebook. on Twitter. on YouTube.

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