Go Easy is a different hip-hop album. It uses a lot more melody and focus on Verbal Jint‘s vocals than the surrounding beat. The instrumentals on the songs all have a big variety. While one song may use more live band sounds, others will use “standard” samples and beats. But the song itself continues the lighter, melodic tone.

Verbal Jint performs hip-hop in a different way from his peers. Other groups will focus on strong beats and samples while others will favor a strict live band sound. Verbal Jint sits in the middle using both, but never focusing on making a strict “hip-hop” song.

Even when it uses stronger bass and samples, it only has a passing reference to other songs and almost sound pop or a few steps away from the core hip-hop sound. That difference makes Verbal Jint stick out from other artists.

He could even be a good introduction to Korean hip-hop as people explore the genre which has as many sub-genres as other indie music.

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