As the lead singer of Dear Cloud, Nine uses her vocals to add another layer on top of their indie rock. Her voice on Dear Cloud’s albums follows the faster beat that the band plays. But on 9Stories, she is able to really use her voice as the main focus of every song.

Her previously released singles showed that she had a lot of strength when she was able to take the time to cater her voice to different tempos and melodies. This album is nine songs of different genres other than Dear Cloud with a lot of the basis of the songs focusing on a more ballad vocal style. Allowing her voice to explore a lot more shows how talented she is as a vocalist.

Nine’s voice isn’t the most customary for indie rock, but it is able to really shine on all the songs on the album. The orchestral elements on songs give her voice a classic feel that still sounds like she hasn’t found the true limits of what her voice is able to accomplish.

I’ve listened to all of Dear Cloud’s albums and they are all excellent albums, but 9Stories shows a very different and amazing side of their vocalist.

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