I found From the Airport while searching through bandcamp. The tags that bandcamp uses for musicians in South Korea aren’t the best, but it’s possible to find some interesting music.

Colors is the first single from the band.

from the airport colors

With only two songs, the first “Message” is an instrumental introduction track. It doesn’t directly correlate with the second song ‘Colors.” The main track has a lot of similarities to early Glen Check with the song having a synth and electronica base. Colors is a really great song though. It doesn’t focus on hard bass and has a lot of layered melodies that can only be heard if you listen to the song multiple times.

It’s not difficult to listen to Colors over and over again because it’s an excellent song. The vocals that accompany the song are another added melody rather than full vocals and lyrics.

I’m curious to know what else From the Airport is planning because they have my interest with their first single.

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