Containing three members of Eastern Sidekick, small o is a tangent from the recognized sound of the other band. While Eastern Sidekick is more straight forward rock, small o is like a step back. That Will Fall is more melodic and uses slower tempos.

small o that wil fall

The release isn’t a total departure from rock music with a more indie rock presentation. Even when the drum kit on “Fisher and Another Father” is using the crash cymbal through the verses, it still maintains a light sound. Guitars and vocals play a big part of the sound of the band.

Song progression on That Will Fall is a slow change in what might be expected with the Eastern Sidekick members and later songs move away from the first track. The namesake song is slightly folk with acoustic and electric guitar creating to layers of melody and the vocals singing along in almost half-time. It’s an upbeat song that appears to enjoy every second that it plays.

small o’s combination of members don’t mean much as Eastern Sidekick’s style doesn’t make an appearance and for the better. The band’s sound is a perfect mixture of indie and folk rock. If you didn’t know Eastern Sidekick members were a part, you wouldn’t miss anything.

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