I’m a little familiar with MYK, mainly through his hip-hop work. After Anna’s mini-interview with him and his new project SALTNPAPER, I was really interested in hearing what this sound would be.


If you ever heard MYK’s work before, you’re going to be very surprised at his songs for SALTNPAPER. Essentially, it’s an entirely new presentation of music. Rather than hip-hop, SALTNPAPER is rock on a variety of levels. “Field Day” is a mellow indie rock song. “모자” is the title track and really displays what SALTNPAPER is about.

It’s really interesting to hear a musician dive into a new style and produce amazing songs. The simplicity that comes from each song keeps each on really interesting to listen to. It’s a strange mixture to hear MYK’s mixing of English and Korean on songs and also hear how well he can flow from verse to verse.

Even from the standpoint of an indie album, I think SALTNPAPER is a great release for 2013. MYK shows amazing diversity with SALTNPAPER. If you are a fan of MYK or just want to hear something interesting, this self-titled album is a must-listen for 2013.

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