I follow a lot of Korean musicians on various social networks. I know Oh Hee Jung more from Instagram and Twitter than any other source. She was also part of the band 뷰티풀 데이즈 (Beautiful Days), who I listened to a while back, but it sounds like they disbanded. She used Tumblbug to fund her EP, Everybody Here Wants You Back, and did all the production work herself with the help of friends.

oh hee jung

In a strange turn of events, I contacted her about how I could get the album outside of Korea since it’s currently only available locally and she was nice enough to get me a copy.

The EP is a mix of synth and programming along with live instruments, creating a down-tempo selection of songs that are laid back and really enjoyable. None of the songs are high in intensity, but the tone of each song is perfect. I could associate her in the same style as Yukari, though her music is a little more mellow. It’s difficult to hear the guitar and bass on some songs because they don’t play normal chords or notes, but add small elements to the songs.

There are eight songs, two of which are remixes, but the six core songs are excellent. “나른하다” is the second song on the album, but the first with vocals. Her vocals are smooth and melodic, following the flow of the tempo and the various layered effects in the song.

While it doesn’t sound like she’s straining to hit the notes, her voice is really amazing. The whole EP can serve as amazing background music, but when you listen to each song; the variety is impressive even though the core style can make the songs blend together. The remix tracks are good, but the core songs are what you should prioritize.

“Everybody Here Wants You Back” is one of the best songs on the EP because it combines a lot of elements together while creating one of the best feelings to a song I’ve heard this year. Oh Hee Jung’s EP is a definite must-buy.

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