WHOwho was suggested to Korean Indie by a reader of the site and I was finally able to pick up their single in Seoul. Listening to the three song EP, there’s a definite trend for bands now to use synth in their music. WHOwho play pop rock mixed with a bit of funk in their music. It’s catchy and a lot of fun even though the recording. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the crowd moving with the band when they played live.


Three songs is really a small introduction into a band, but WHOwho manage to make a presence. The vocals are interesting because they aren’t exactly melodic and the tone is much lower than expected for this pop rock style. But WHOwho make the songs work with all the elements.

The band do sound a little like CoreMagaZinE. Though there is an amount of repetition, listening to the drums on “Dance in the Rain” and “Love,” there is a definite repetitive off-beat hi-hat playing that’s easy to hear.

“Love” does have multiple elements in one song through, at 4:38, the bridge of the song changes the feeling entirely giving more depth into the song. The last song “Bye Bye” sounds very similar to Glen Check from their Haute Couture album. It’s not a negative association, but WHOwho need to differentiate themselves from other similar bands or they sound a little too much like they’re borrowing.

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