There was a big span of time between Bright Lights and Let It Shine. 나인 (Nine) released a solo album and I didn’t hear much from the band during that time. Let It Shine is their return with a six song EP. The band’s sound hasn’t changed much from their past full-length and is still very recognizable.

dear cloud let it shine

Let It Shine sounds like the band is fresh from their break because the music has a “new” sound. 나인’s voice does have a more mellow vocal presentation and the band has moved into a slightly different sound. Their other releases reminds me of more standard rock while this EP is much more upbeat and slightly pop rock.

The vocals keep it centered because of 나인’s voice, but the music has a developed sound with rhythms and melodies that are fun to listen to. Even with six songs, the length of each one has a lot of depth and makes repeat listens very enjoyable. If you ever listened to Dear Cloud before, this release is like a revamp of the band. It feels new.

Dear Cloud is still a band I would introduce to new listeners because it has a recognizable style that people can compare to their own personal music collection and Let It Shine really resets the band as one to watch again.

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