I’ve followed Monkeyz since they were introduced to me by Jaehyuk of Yellow Monsters. I heard their EP previously, but after seeing them live I realized their first release didn’t accurately capture the sound of the band. Now with their first full-length, the ability and energy of the band is finally realized.


Monkeyz are primarily a pop rock band. With big choruses and melodic vocals supported by some excellent musicians, the album is amazing from start to finish. Some of the songs I recognized from watching them live, but the time between the single to the album was a long time.

“Go” is probably the best song to get an introduction to the sound of Monkeyz with the quick tempos mixing some of the best drumming and guitar I’ve heard from a young band. The song also captures the energy that can be heard with each live performance. The pop rock genre also lends itself to some very super sweet songs on the album, giving a nice mix of song styles.

I’ve never heard a slow song by Monkeyz, but “Goodbye” really shows off the vocals and the emotion that he’s able to present. It’s even more funny because after meeting the band before, the youthful energy that comes across makes the song even more interesting to listen.

There are a lot of standout tracks on the album and it’s nice to finally be able to hear the band as they perform live on an official release. Monkeyz play a style that’s not as widespread, but their conviction and passion that is seen live is finally available in recorded form. It’s definitely one of the best of 2013.

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