It’s been a long time since Han Heejung has released new music. Beyond her three previous releases, I haven’t heard much activity. Surprisingly, I saw that she was releasing a new full-length album. The style I remember was very acoustic-based with her vocals and guitar. This new album takes a new surprising direction and really the only recognizable part if her voice.

han heejung

Instead of more live band tracks, Han Heejung opens her album with a string-backed operatic song, “나는 너를 본다.” Immediately you get the feeling that this album is going to be different. It’s polarizing in how different it feels to her old releases. Her voice is still incredible and fits each song on the album. The instrumentals for the songs are also very different mixing unconnected genres. Even the live band songs have a darker tone than before.

I wonder how much preparation went into the album because it sounds like an entirely new artist. There are a lot of layers in each song, a big change from before. The mixing of most songs requires a lot of attention to hear all the small elements. Strangely, this album sounds like an updated version of Mot on some songs. IT’s not as heavily sampled, but does have that feeling.

She also gets assistance from Jambinai on “바다가” adding an ominous tone. IF you were expecting a standard return to form, you will be a little disappointed with Han Heejung’s second full-length. But given that she hasn’t released new music in a while and it shows that she’s been experimenting, this album is one of my favorites this year. There are some songs that are a little too strange, but overall it’s an album that you shouldn’t miss.

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