Mohho Project is another bandcamp discovery. Searching through the different tags, I was curious about My eyebrows don’t want to be warm after listening to a sample. Going through the entire album I realized that the release is a collection of some amazing acoustic songs.

mohho project My eyebrows don't want to be warm

From the start, the music is comforting and mellow. The focus is on the acoustic guitar and vocals with accompaniment from other instruments. The guitar playing is intriguing because it has layers to create different melodies. The vocals are a perfect match to the songs because they weave into each beat, sometimes following the beat or working around the notes. “편서풍” is a perfect example of a mellow acoustic song.

The range of styles played aren’t very wide, but it’s easy to hear distinct rhythms that mix more than simple guitar strumming. It’s also possible to say that the songs sound similar, but as you listen through the album each one is distinct. The album contains some straight forward acoustic songs, but also mixes some small jazz/funk and pop elements like on “Knuckles.”

It’s amazing that while the core of each song is guitar and voice, the tone that comes across is compelling. Listening through the album from start to finish is very easy to do. The album is also one that requires multiple listens.

Considering the releases of 2013, the album is one of the best. It shows that there are a lot of musicians working to create music that isn’t even noticed in Seoul. Mohho Project released an amazing album that I’m glad to have discovered.

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