I was lucky to find Asian Chairshot though Dada Music. It’s a mixture of different styles that is original and really interesting to hear. After being contacted by Dada Music, I bought Mask through bandcamp and listened to the four songs.

Mask was different. Through four songs, you get what feels like a whole album. But with four songs, it’s just a sample of the band. Asian Chairshot recently flew to Singapore for a show and was nice enough to answer the questions on their return.

Credit: Togusa Chan

Credit: Togusa Chan

Can you introduce the band?

3인조 한국록밴드 아시안체어샷입니다! 얼씨구~ 좋다~

We are the Korean trio rock band called Asian Chairshot! Woohoo!

When I listened to Mask, I got a feeling of garage rock and psychedelica, how did you combine these genres in your music?

의도한 것은 아닙니다. 멤버들 개개인이 영향받은 음악들이 자연스럽게 묻어나온 것 같아요

It wasn’t intended, but I think each member’s experiences and influences naturally took that form.

Mixing these genres, how did you create songs for Mask?

정규 1집을 준비중에 있었습니다. 총 9곡의 녹음이 끝나있는 상태였는데, 그래도 아직 우리 아시안체어샷만의 색깔을
가진 곡들로만 앨범을 만들어보자라는 생각에 9곡중에서 그래도 우리 개성을 잘 나타낼만한 곡을 추려서
발매한 앨범이 이번 미니앨범인 ‘탈’이네요.개러지한 요소와 오리엔탈적인 느낌이 묻어나는 기타연주가 이번 앨범의
감상포인트라고 생각하고요. 아마 다음 정규 1집에서는 이런 요소가 더욱 극대화되지 않을까란 생각입니다.

We were preparing our first album where we finished recording a total of 9 songs. Still, we wanted to make sure that we found our sound so of those 9 songs, we selected a few songs that we felt were strong.

That became our current mini album, Mask. The listening point is the mix of garage rock and element of oriental sound expressed throughout the album. In our first official album, we hope to maximize that sound.

What are the influences that lead you to the style of music you play?

각자 취향이 틀리긴한데 멤버 모두가 공통적으로 좋아하고 영향받은 사운드는 한국의 ‘들국화’나 ‘산울림’같은 국내락밴드입니다.
누구는 비틀즈를 좋아하고 핑크플라이드를 좋아하고 다른 멤버는 라디오헤드,쿨라쉐이커등을 좋아하고 하는데 그래도 멤버들 모두 오랜기간동안
음악을 하다보니 저희가 태어나고 자란 한국적인 사운드에게로 돌아가게 되는듯 하더군요.

We do have different tastes, but we all were influenced and respect Korean bands like Deulgukhwa and Sanwoolim. Our favorite bands ranges from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Kula Shakers, etc but in the end, we tend to get more influenced by the Korean sound that we grew up with.

What do you think of Korean music becoming more popular internationally?

한류/케이팝으로 불리는 음악들은 대부분이 기획사에서 천편일률적으로 길러지고 양성되는 아이돌/댄스음악이 대부분입니다.
그 외 락음악,재즈나 다른 장르의 음악은 크게 조명받지 못하는 것 같은데, 이런 쪽으로도 좀 더 조명받을수 있다면 좋을것 같아요.

The music that is getting famous and known for is usually Kpop that has been perfected and formulated by idols and their agencies. It seems as though rock, jazz, and many other genres do not get much attention. Hopefully, there will be more interest.

There are few options for Korean bands to release their music overseas. Do you see bandcamp and iTunes are good ways to distribute your music?

네 이미 유튜브나 밴드캠프등을 통해서 확인할 수 있구요. 지금 아이튠즈나 디저(Deezer)같은 해외 음원사이트를 통해서도
유통관련 이야기가 저희 소속사를 통해서 되고 있는걸로 알고 있습니다. 빠른 시일내 만나보실수 있을거에요!

Yes – we are already on YouTube and bandcamp. We are definitely looking into iTunes or Deezer to distribute our music so hopefully you can find us easier soon!

How do you communicate with fans online?

주로 국내의 팬들과는 트윗이나 페이스북등을 통해서 메세지를 주고받거나 하고 있구요. 얼마전 다녀온 싱가포르 공연이후로는
외국인 친구들이 많이 메세지를 보내주고 페이스북 페이지를 통해서 글을 남기기도 해서 많이 놀랍기도 하고 고맙기도 합니다!

We usually keep in touch via Facebook or Twitter. Not too long ago, we came back from Singapore and we were pleasantly surprised how many foreign fans started to send us messages and write on our pages. We’re so thankful!

Are there any bands that you recommend that a fan of Asian Chairshot should listen to?

들국화, 송창식, 산울림등의 한국 락/포크음악등과 크라잉넛과 같은 밴드를 추천합니다!

Folk rock bands like Deulgukhwa, Chang-sik Song, Sanwoolim. We also recommend Crying Nut!

Anything to say to readers?

앞으로도 많은 활동 보여드리도록 하겠습니다. 코리안인디 인터뷰 정말 감사해요!
꼭 언젠가는 이 글을 보시는 모든 분들 저희 아시안체어샷 공연장에서 얼굴보기를 바래요 !

We will work hard to show you the best of us! koreanindie, thank you for interview!
If you’re reading this interview, we truly hope that we get to meet soon at our performances!!

Asian Chairshot on Facebook.
Asian Chairshot on Twitter.
Asian Chairshot on bandcamp.

Photo Credit: Togusa Chan

I’m really excited for new music from Asian Chairshot. While I don’t know when that may be, it sounds like they have already made an impression outside of South Korea. The potential the band has is enormous and their next release should be even better than Mask. If you can, support the band and help them record more music.

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