The core of Newton‘s Collaboration is three songs. There are also three remix version of the main songs. Newton’s genre is electro-pop and dance. It’s not a style that I usually listen to and this is actually my first introduction into this specific style other than Smells.

newton collaboration

The title track, “Collaboration,” is an upbeat dance club-friendly bass-beat song. The bass follows each beat and continues throughout the whole song. It has a great line of vocals that are repeated through the song. I would have thought that the song would get repetitive, but the positive theme of the song keeps each verse fresh.

Each song features guest vocals with Collaboration featuring Kjun and “Faster, Better, Stronger” features Woori. Her voice has a different feeling from Kjun, but fits just as well. The song that she guests on is similar to Collaboration, but differs because her voice gives a slightly different emotion.

“Heal the World” featuring Gyuhun of Reflex finishes out the three songs. Heal the World has a faster tempo than the first two songs, and has a lot more recognizable elements like off-beat snare hits and synth hitting each main beat. It does have a stronger club feel and Gyuhun’s voice gives the song a lot of energy.

Collaboration’s three remixes are a little different from the main songs, but you can still get the same core of each song. The remixes are much more club-heavy than before by cutting the vocals into smaller sections sometimes containing only a 16th note. Hearing these remixes are great, and they make the song sound different even though they use the original elements.

Newton introduced me to a style that I didn’t have interest in exploring, but now I want to see how far and creative the genre goes. The group is a perfect introduction to the genre because the music sounds like it could be appreciated internationally. If you’re looking for upbeat and positive dance music, Newton know how to make it.

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