Bye Bye Sea‘s Pink Revolution was very heavy on pop and synth with a lot of high pitch vocals and theatrical style. “그곳은 잠시만” on Bye Bye Sea’s new album is an entire removal of their first single on the second album. It was difficult to take them entirely seriously on the last album because so much felt over the top.

bye bye sea

The new album is a stark difference. It sounds much more contained and focused on organic melodies. It’s more muted and solemn. Songs sound much more influenced with ballads than rock and allow for slower tempos. This change actually makes listening to Bye Bye Sea more interesting. Their previous fast tempo songs were fun, but it didn’t take long to forget about them.

With the new album, it’s easier to focus on the music the band is playing because they are allowed to make full musical statements. I enjoy this album a lot more than the second album because the songs sound a lot more developed and mature. They take a strong British rock sound as an overall theme, but still apply their past songs as part of the melodies.

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear these songs at a faster tempo and still sounding fine. I don’t know what happened between the two albums, but Bye Bye Sea released a more mature album that contains more depth than what I heard before.

But if you found the second album to be one of your favorites, this one may turn you off about the band. Still, it’s recommended that you give it a try because the music is excellent.

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